February 27, 2024

During a time of increasingly challenging talent acquisition and retention, organizations must find ways to gain a competitive advantage. A massive opportunity exists in creating exceptional employee experiences—from onboarding to offboarding.

These interactions have an enormous impact on your workforce (not to mention your organization’s reputation). Research from our human capital management (HCM) partner, isolved, finds that nearly half of employees have been tempted to leave a new job due to a negative onboarding experience.

And that’s not all…

  • 86% of employees say onboarding is important
  • 48% of employees say onboarding should be completed in the first month
  • 32% of employees say their current employer doesn’t offer a modern onboarding experience

First Impressions Matter

Onboarding is crucial for setting the stage for their success within an organization. It provides new hires with essential information, resources, and support to integrate seamlessly into their roles and the company culture. Effective onboarding fosters engagement, reduces turnover, and accelerates productivity. It does this by clarifying expectations, building relationships, and facilitating a smooth transition into the organization.

Starting a new job with a new company is an exciting prospect for employees. They have the chance to meet new team members, get immersed in a new company culture, and ultimately make their own unique imprint on the organization. With great excitement comes great expectations—and companies should have processes in place to deliver what their employees want.

Optimal Onboarding

Here are some tips for enhancing your onboarding experience:

Make it Snappy – A slow and disjointed onboarding process poorly reflects an organization. A new employee is ready to hit the ground running, and the onboarding process should provide a smooth and clear runway.

Streamline the Process – If a new hire feels like they’re on a scavenger hunt during their first days, they’re likely to get lost. Clear and concise communications are a must for new team members.

Deliver a Modern Experience – If you’re using outdated processes, like fax machines or physical signatures, your new hire might wonder which century their new employment home is operating in. A modern onboarding experience assures a new hire they’ve made the right decision to accept a position within your organization.

Utilize Built-In Tools Leverage technology to automate employee eligibility I-9 forms and processes for new hires and hiring managers—giving them both valuable time back on their calendars.

Enable E-signatures – Enable new team members to breeze through documents like employee handbooks and non-disclosure agreements digitally with electronic signatures.

Automate Workflows – Implement, collect, track and store all forms and documents, including federal and state tax forms and prevent potential costly errors.

Power Up Self-Serve – Allow onboarding tasks to be completed from any device, at any time, and from any place. Provide a secure, self-service environment that empowers employees and saves your HR staff time and effort.

New hires are excited to join your team! Meet their excitement through a modern, streamlined onboarding experience that will ensure that feel valued, motivated and prepared to make a meaningful impact on your organization.

Learn more about how Counter Point HCM can help you better welcome new employees for better outcomes. Request a call today!

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