February 5, 2024

When human capital management is done right, the result is an employee experience that helps recruit, retain and, ultimately, drive revenue. This upside to human capital management is why 40% of HR leaders are planning to invest in a platform this year.

HR leaders want more from their technology. Not only do they want better service and better software, but they also need it to be more comprehensive. A scalable and secure human capital management platform that is easy for employees to use, gives business leaders access to data, and is intelligently connected is what HR leaders want today. With the number of providers and solutions on the market, HR leaders can shop around to get what they want.

Our technology partner isolved surveyed 500 HR decision-makers to uncover what they expect from a human capital management (HCM) platform. Their responses are exactly what you should look for when vetting HCM solutions.

The technology is a full end-to-end platform 

The employee experience is top priority for HR leaders. Organizations make the mistake of evaluating platforms with only payroll in mind when payroll is only one part of the employee experience. To truly reap the benefits of intelligently connected HCM, you need to focus on the entire employee life cycle. Your platform should connect and streamline every aspect from onboarding to offboarding.

It grows with the company 

You may be thinking “all I need is payroll right now.” But as your business evolves you need a platform that can address your needs. An HCM platform that grows with a company is key, as is a service provider who can implement a staged roll out of what is needed now and suggest what is needed tomorrow. It’s a mistake not to choose an HCM platform that prioritizes being future-ready, today.

It’s easy for all employees to use 

Employees today expect the technology they have at work to perform like the technology they access in their everyday lives. Insist on a platform that offers a modern, intuitive, and user-friendly experience. It must also meet the expectations of the future. “Siri, show me my pay statement” is right around the digital corner.

It reduces human error 

Just two payroll errors can cause 49% of employees to quit their job. Payroll is essential and you can’t afford not to get it right. With a single, connected platform information is entered only once. Data flows from system to system reducing the chance for administrative error.

It’s cloud-based 

A cloud-based solution is accessible through the internet and requires virtually no maintenance. It’s less expensive too since it eliminates extra hardware purchases and the IT support to maintain it. Plus, all your information is accessible to you 24/7.

It provides actionable data 

For HCM to be a strategic function, you need accurate workforce insights that can help you improve organizational efficiencies and profitability. Your platform should provide you with reporting and analytical HCM tools that are easy to access and understand.

An intelligently connected HCM platform brings together every part of the employee experience, from hire to retire, to ensure there are no employee experience gaps for better recruiting, retaining, and revenue.

Counter Point HCM can meet—and exceed—the demands of today’s most discerning HR professional. Schedule a call today to explore what our HCM solutions can do for you!

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